U.S. military grapples with a rising epidemic of sexual assault in its ranks
via PBS

Leadership's failure to Asia Graham contributed to her death.

A General Assaulted Me. Will I Ever Receive Justice?
by Colonel Kathy Spletstoser

Following federal judge's ruling that her case against Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs can be tried in civilian court, Colonel Kathy Spletstoser details her fight for justice.

Sexual Assault - CBS Investigative Report proves Military Failing to protect our servicemembers
via Shadley Editions

Major General and Mrs. Shadley provide excellent historical perspective to importance of Nora O'Donnell series.

A Closer Look at Sexual Violence Within the US Military
via Latino Rebels

A thorough analysis of sexual misconduct situation in the military and ineffectiveness of senior military management to resolve.

VANGUARD ANALYSIS: Suspicious Deaths of Women in the U.S. Military
via Davis Vanguard.org

The Davis Vanguard provides an analysis of multiple suspicious deaths of women in the U.S. military

Episode 33 : Ret. Major General Robert Shadley & Camilla Vance Shadley Thriving Survivor Series : United States Army
by Major General (Retired) Robert David Shadley

Major General (Retired) Robert Shadley and Mrs. Carmilla Vance Shadley provide a powerful interview on sexual misconduct and cover-ups in the U.S. Army. Also discussed in the interview is the importance of sexual misconduct victims standing up to the corruption and organizations such as Never Alone fighting for them to be heard.

In Search of Accountability
by Colonel (Retired) Wes Martin

The landscape of the United States military is primarily composed of sincere and dedicated individuals who wish to do what is right. Yet during the past decades the armed services have...

Plan On Blowing A Whistle? Here's What You Got To Look Forward To...
by Colonel (Retired) Wes Martin

You are assigned to a military environment that is both unprofessional and unethical. The Uniform Code of Military Justice is being ignored and your supervisors are clearly out for themselves...

Don't Give Up the Fight
by Colonel (Retired) Wes Martin

During the Second World War, a popular American tune gave encouragement to our embattled nation: "If we have to take a licking, carry on and quit your kicking, but don't give up the ship"...