WGLRO Radio with Kim Wedel and (ret) MG Robert Shadley - The Cover Up- the DWMS 07 16 2021
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Major General (Retired) Shadley and Kim Wedel discusses military's determination to cover-up rather than fix corruption.

Suicidal thoughts affect all military sexual assault victims
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Examination of suicide ideation of sexual assault victims

There’s a Sexual Assault Crisis in the Military. Congress Can Stop It.
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New York Times video presentation calling for military reform.

'The time has come': US lawmakers press case for overhauling military assault system
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When commanders at all levels blatantly fail to do their jobs, outside reform is necessary

Live with Restream on KUHS Radio/TV World Wide Broadcast
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KUHS interview with Never Alone's Amy Franck

The Council with Charlie Pacello
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Charlie Pacello interviews Amy Franck.

NAA: They told her to shut up
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Kerri Jeter interviews Aniela Szymanski and Wes Martin.

WGLRO Radio - with Leshwania Culp and Camilla Vance - Shadley Never Alone - the DWMS 04 13 2021
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LeShwania Culp and Camilla Vance share personal experience and discuss continuing problem in military

Effort underway to change sexual assault investigations in military
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News 11 report following Senate Testimony on March 24, 2021

How personal experience is guiding this military corp's attempt to combat sexual assault
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Part 1 of March 24, 2021 PBS News report following U.S. Senate testimony

Sen. Gillibrand: sexual assault in military an 'epidemic' that's getting worse
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Part 2 of March 24, 2021 PBS News report, Judy Woodruff interviews Senator Gillibrand

Christine's Story: Her battle against the National Guard | Cap Times Investigations
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A victim fights for recovery against assault and retaliatory command system

WGLRO Radio with Debbie Robinson and Amy Franck - Never Alone Advocacy - The DWMS- 03 09 21
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Debbie Robinson and Amy Franck remembers Morgan Robinson and how she was betrayed by National Guard chain-of-command.

Victim advocates say U.S. military gets an 'F' on sexual assault prevention
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Team members Marianne Bustin and Lindsay Knapp provide accurate assessment of the military's protection of service-members.

New sexual assault accusations after soldier's death at Fort Bliss; Army opens investigation
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Part 1 of WGN Rich McHugh expose, Nicole Graham and Colonel Wes Martin explains Fort Bliss management failure to Asia Graham

Should the military continue to be allowed to police itself on sexual assault? Retired general and Pentagon weigh in
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Part 2 of WGN Rich McHugh expose, Major General Robert and Camilla Shadley weigh in, Pentagon SHARP director Dr. Helis responds.

Congresswoman on front line of military sexual assault is 'confident' there will be change
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Part 3 of WGN Rich McHugh expose, Congresswoman Jackie Speier weighs in

WGLRO Radio - with Stacey Burnham and (ret) Colonel Wesley Martin - Never Alone the DWMS 02 09 2021
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Private Nicole Burnham's untimely death and chain of commands negligence and incompetence are discussed by her mother Stacey and Colonel Wes Martin.

WGLRO Radio welcomes (Ret) Colonel Wesley Martin -Never Alone- the DWMS 1-12-2021
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Colonel Wes Martin's interview on Donny Walker Radio Show

WGLRO Radio with Amy Barley - Franck and special guest Michela Morellato The DWMS- 12 29 2020
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Amy Franck's interview on the Donny Walker radio Show.

WGLRO RADIO welcomes Camilla Vance Shadley and MG Robert Shadley (ret) - The DWMS - 12 11 2020 by donnywalker94
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Major General and Camilla Shadley's interview on Donny Walker radio show