General's sex assault court-martial heralds changes to flawed system, experts say
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A step in the right direction, but the Old Guard will ensure it does not became a game changer.

Ramstein staff sergeant sentenced to 30 years in jail for child sexual abuse
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Accountability on predator for child molestation.

Air Force couple, both sexual assault victims, say disparity in treatment shows gender discrimination
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Both victims of sexual assault, the wife experienced significantly less command support than the husband.

Air Force EEO Director Removed From Position for Improper Handling of Sexual Harassment, Discrimination Allegations
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Accountability comes to Air Force EEO Director for mission failure.

The Air Force preaches ‘zero tolerance’ of sexual assault. So why is it retaining an airman guilty of it?
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Master Sergeant guilty of sexual assault retained by Air Force preaching zero tolerance.

Kadena Airman Pleads Guilty to Recording, Distributing Lewd Video Without Subject's Consent

Sexual assault and posting of videos result in charges against two airmen.

Two-star Air Force general demoted to colonel for affair with subordinate
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Air Force general demoted and retired after exposure of multiple extra-marital affairs over ten years period.

Air Force Academy may have underreported sexual assaults to Congress
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Dept of Defense Inspector General finds U.S. Air Force Academy failed to report comply with the law in reporting 35 cases of sexual assaults to Congress.

Chief Bass: Disrespect of fellow airmen must stop - now
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Air Force's top non-commissioned officer calls for mutual respect. No mention of fighting for accountability of predators.

Army leaders say new diversity efforts will work because service culture is so different from a decade ago
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Forgetting the failures from "Army of One" days Army leadership fails to understand the value of command leadership and aggressive accountability of predators in solving problems

No jail time for senior Air Force NCO convicted of sex crime
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Air Force Master Sergeant avoids maximum accountability for sexual predator activity

Congressman joins mother of dead Travis airman to fight for answers
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Congressman John Garamendi comes to aid of family seeking answers to suspicious death of daughter stationed at Travis Air Force Base

'Be a bro': How a commander's sexism derailed this pilot training class - and brought down AETC leaders
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Sexual misconduct and intimidation with Air Force pilot training program

She was raped 20 years ago. After a recent tweet about it, Air Force investigators showed up at her door.
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Air Force mishandled case 20 years ago. Investigators visit victim after social media disclosure and all people involved have long since left the military.

Inspectors Said Her Toxic Leadership Was 'Worst Seen in 20 Years.' She Just Became a 1-Star

Officer investigated and confirmed to supervising by building and maintaining a toxic command environment promoted to brigadier general.

Why toxic senior leaders survive - and sometimes thrive - in the military
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Colonel (Retired) Kathy Spletstopher remains committed to her fight for justice against Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Hyten

'I sought help when I needed it': Joint Chiefs vice chairman speaks out on mental health
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General Hyten reveals as Commanding General of Strategic Command (STRATCOM) that he received psychological counselling due to job stress. Hyten is now Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

Family of airman killed at Grand Forks AFB see same issues in military as Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen's family
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Family of female service killed in murder-suicide await answer from Air Force.