I Corps chief of staff had a history of domestic violence, according to wife
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As always, indications and warning ignored.

Army will let Special Forces Colonel accused of domestic violence quietly retire at his current rank
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Colonel Ray allowed to retire at same rank and enter into civilian society.

A small tweak to how the Army trains new soldiers is dramatically reducing sexual assault reports
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Fort Leonard Wood introduces SHARP education earlier in Basic Combat Training cycle

Dick Pic Six: the sex and blackmail network in US Special Forces
via Jack Murphy Writes

New commander's reform initiatives exposes corruption throughout 7th Special Forces Group Headquarters.

Battalion CSM suspended after domestic assault arrest near Fort Campbell
via Army Times

Five Sergeant Majors in different command regions pending charges from separate incidents.

Teacher at US Army base in Germany charged with sexual abuse
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Federal employed Army base school teacher charged for multiple sexual assaults against grade schoolers.

Fort Bliss soldier sentenced to more than 40 years for murder of child
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Fort Bliss soldier convicted for murder of a child.

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Fort Sill sexual assault investigation brings back memories of Aberdeen drill sergeants scandal.

Male soldiers at Baumholder face highest risk among US Army bases of sexual assault, study says
via Stars and Stripes

Internal Army study reveals Baumholder, Germany and Daegu, Korea have the highest risk of sexual assault in the Army

Fort Leonard Wood chaplain to plead guilty to child sexual abuse
via Army Times

Position of ultimate trust violated against a minor.

Ex-command sergeant major accused of desertion amid CID probe into sex assault
via Army Times

Former command sergeant major going up for second court-martial.

Fort Bragg soldier charged with child sex crimes, found with 12-year-old runaway in county
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Case against alleged child rapist continues to grow.

Sergeant major dropped to E-4, gets confinement over sexual misconduct at Fort Stewart
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Sergeant Major completely removed from NCO ranks.

Mother of deceased veteran fights for new standards in military sexual assault cases
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Love and memory of Asia fuels Nicole Graham fight for reform and justice.

These five Army posts have the highest sexual assault risk, study shows
via Army Times

Sexual predators most active at Forts Hood, Bliss, Riley, Campbell, and Carson.

Male soldiers at Baumholder face highest risk among US Army bases of sexual assault, study says
via Stars and Stripes

Internal Army study reveals Baumholder, Germany and Daegu, Korea have the highest risk of sexual assault in the Army.

Fort Bliss soldier found dead this week was ex of Asia Graham, rape accuser who OD'd months ago: reports
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Inappropriate article title, but content is much better.

Fort Bliss soldier found dead was witness on soldier's trial convicted of sexual assault
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PVT Marriah Pouncy, close friend of deceased rape victim committed suicide following conviction of serial predator.

Why Is the U.S. Army Abandoning Due Process?
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Command Inquiries being wrongfully used to circumvent UCMJ.

LGB troops are much more likely to be sexually assaulted than their heterosexual peers: study
via Military Times

When sexual offenses are also hate crimes.

Fired Fort Gordon brigade commander made 'inappropriate texts' to subordinate
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Despite all the attention sexual misconduct is receiving, a colonel still failed to behave himself.

Retired Army major general reduced to second lieutenant for sex crime conviction
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Virginia civil authorities successfully prosecuted when military regulations were allowing him to escape justice.

Fort Bliss Soldier Sentenced to Almost 41 Years for Murder, Assault
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Another blatant example of how broken the command is at Fort Bliss.

US Army to Replace Criminal Investigations Chief In Wake of Guillen’s Death
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Failure to reform Criminal Investigation Command results in removal of its commander.

Army enacts changes on sex assault response, investigations and more after Fort Hood scandal
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The ultimate change will not occur until commanders enforce accountability

Drill sergeant married trainee, was reprimanded and is now out of the Army
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Drill sergeant learned nothing from Aberdeen drill sergeant scandals of the 1990s.

Soldier trained as advisor on sexual assault is arrested for rape
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Placed in a position of ultimate trust, an acting first sergeant is charged for alleged rape.

Army Brass Noncommittal on Push to Remove COs from Sexual Assault Prosecution Decisions
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Senior Army management pulls back on opposition, but does not yet support, external prosecution of predators.

Durbin Discusses Sexual Assault Prevention In The Military With Army Reserve Chief Lieutenant General Daniels
via U.S. Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois (senate.gov)

USAR Reserve LTG Daniels briefed Senator Durbin, no real meat of the conversation provided.

Soldier training at Fort Gordon pleads guilty to child porn charge
via Aiken Standard

Soldier actively involved in sexual exploitation of a minor.

Former youth director at Fort Leonard Wood pleads guilty to child sexual abuse
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Former youth director at Fort Leonard Wood pleads guilty to child sexual abuse.

Army missed chances to prosecute serial rapist soldier - leaving him free to rape 16-yr-old DAUGHTER
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Army's failure of even trying to remove predator away from open society results in his raping his own 16 daughter.

For soldier convicted of multiple rapes, Army will review 2017 decision not to prosecute him
via Army Times

Four years later, following a conviction for more rapes, Army decides to review original failure to prosecute.

Asia Graham case: Fort Bliss soldier Pfc. Christian Alvarado faces new sex assault charges
via El Paso Times

Christian Alvarado's never ending story of sexual assaults while assigned to Fort Bliss continues to grow.

Army unit urges soldiers to ‘be a hero, eat a pancake’ for sexual assault
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Can't make this up! Army garrison in Hawaii addresses sexual predator problem through eating pancakes instead of aggressive leadership and offender accountability.

The nights run long but the darkness runs longer. | by Kerri R Jeter
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For multiple sexual assaults the offender receives a counselling statement rather than judicial punishment.

After Army Alaska's alleged suicides, one battalion gets 'sensing sessions'
via Army Times

Higher level command "sensing sessions" attempt to identify problems at Fort Wainwright.

Army didn't prosecute NCO accused of rape. So he did it again. And again
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Lack of accountability allows serial rapist to continue assaults over several years and multiple assignments.

Ex-Fort Bragg soldier gets 12 years after fake kidnapping of pre-teen
via Army Times

Fort Bragg soldier convicted for sexual relationship with 12 year old girl and faking her kidnapping.

West Point launches investigation following report of cadet rape
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USMC engages CID to investigate cadet rape.

Fort Sill instructors suspended after trainee alleges sexual assault
via Army Times

MG Kamper engages CID to investigates report of multiple rapes on single victim by Fort Sill basic training cadre.

Army CID could be turned over to civilians, but opposition lingers
via Army Times

Two options with pros and cons for future of Criminal Investigation Command (CID) examined.

Her military career cut short inspires advocacy and nonprofit addressing epidemic facing veterans and first responders
via Military Times

Outstanding soldier and West Point graduate continues fight for justice following sexual assault.

Spc. Vanessa Guillen case could be Army CID's 'Tailhook scandal'
via Army Times

Criminal Investigation Command failures at Fort Hood could spark reforms.

Army Considers Civilian Control of Criminal Investigations in Wake of Fort Hood Report
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The only thing that will come from this internal evaluation will be to protect status quo.

Retired soldier charged with child abuse in Texas was investigated by the Army 6 times on similar allegations
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Investigated six times while in the Army, actions since retirement results in former soldier being charged for sexual abuse

Ft. Bliss announces ‘Operation Ironclad’ to fight sexual harassment, sexual assault, extremism, racism and suicide
via El Paso Herald-Post

Never mentioned to WGN Rich McHugh, after his expose Ft. Bliss management declares Operation Ironclad had already been developed.

Army Wrong! 33-Year-Old U.S. Army Recruiter Sexually Assaulted Two High School Girls
via Shore News

County Sheriff brings 33 year old Army recruiter to justice for sexually assaulting two minor girls.

This Army lieutenant colonel has built a playbook to kill the ‘cancer’ of sexual assault in the ranks
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Lieutenant Colonel Scott Stephens enters into the fight against sexual abuse.

Shooting, stabbing involving soldiers puts nightlife near Fort Bliss under scrutiny
via ArmyTimes

Fort Bliss has problems both inside and outside the base perimeter

Female soldiers at Fort Campbell describe punishment and shame after coming forward with sexual assault claims
via News4 Nashville

Multiple female soldiers come forward identifying problem with sexual predators and weak leadership.

Army War College commandant is suspended, under investigation
via Stars and Stripes

For undisclosed reasons the Army War College Commandant is suspended pending investigation results.

Fort Bliss soldier faces court-martial in alleged sexual assault of fellow soldier found dead on New Year's Eve
via CNN

Seven months to prefer charges, and only after the victim died.

Family of deceased Texas soldier said she was previously sexually assaulted, was 'ready to fight' for justice
via Fox News

PFC Asia Graham was sexual assaulted immediately after reporting to Fort Bliss.

Fort Bliss soldier accused of sexual and physical assault charged with firing AR-15 in city limits in March 2020
via KTSM 9 News

Soldier who assaulted Asia had continual history of misconduct. Where was the accountability?

No foul play suspected in death of Fort Bliss soldier
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Army displays broad interpretation of "No Foul Play."

Fort Bliss soldier charged with rape of fellow unit member a year before her death New Year’s Eve
via Army Times

Assailant of Asia Graham to receive general court martial.

'She was my everything': Mother speaks about daughter's death at Fort Bliss, reveals daughter was sexually assaulted in military
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A mother is forced to say goodbye to her daughter who was failed by the chain-of-command.

Fort Hood report shows readiness trumped SHARP program
via Army Times

Army continues to lack understanding that readiness and care of the soldier are directly related and mutually supportive.

Actions taken by Army secretary, Congress after Spc. Vanessa Guillen's death are insufficient
via Army Times

Army management continues to slow-walk reforms and accountability.

The Silent Truth Documentary - aka - The LaVena Johnson Murder Cover-Up
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Family of soldier still waits for answers and justice

Increased reporting of military sexual assaults has not led to more accountability, CBS News finds - U.S.
via Stars and Stripes

Leadership and accountability deficit continues in the Army.

"They took her soul": Army did "nothing" for soldier who reported sexual assault, mom says
via CBS News

A broken system leads to victim suicide while officer who raped her skates by with a letter of reprimand.

Army Must Take 'Hard Look' at Sexual Assault Prevention Program, Fort Hood Review Finds
via Military.com

Army's Sexual abuse and lack of leadership problems extend far beyond Fort Hood.

Sexual assault and harassment prevention program 'hasn't achieved its mandate' says Army secretary
via ArmyTimes

The problem is not the SHARP program, its lack of leadership.

The Army can't repeat the mistakes of the 1990s if it wants to end sexual assault
via The Washington Post

Warriors despise paying for the same real estate twice. Never Alone Executive board members MG Shadley, COL Pitchford, and COL Martin led the fight in the 90s.

Army CID is burned out and mismanaged by military police leadership, special agents say
via Army Times

Experienced Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) investigators assigned to SecArmy and Chief of Staff security details while junior agents try to carry the load.

Army offering $7,500 reward in investigation of sexual assault on Camp Buehring, Kuwait
via Army Times

Since CBS News' four part investigative report was aired in November 2020, Army CID is now offering reward for two month old assault.

Klobuchar asks Army to re-examine Minnesota soldier's suicide, sexual assault
via 5abc Eyewitness News

Senator Klobuchar's direct engagement with Army leadership, copy of letter included

Increased reporting of military sexual assaults has not led to more accountability, CBS News finds
via Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes follow-up to above CBS expose series.

Sexual assault and harassment prevention program 'hasn't achieved its mandate,' says Army secretary
via Army Times

SecArmy McCarthy misses the mark. Failure is not in the SHARP program, but rather that U.S. Army lacks effective leadership.

Army secretary responds to news reports on sexual assault allegations in military: 'we must do better'
via The Hill

Coverage from Capitol Hill. Operating in damage control, SecArmy McCarthy responds to CBS expose series.

Sex assault victims in military are made to feel like 'the criminal,' Fort Bragg sex assault survivor says
via CBS17

National CBS coverage of problems with the entire Army results in a Fort Bragg victim stepping forward after being denied justice.

The Silent Truth Documentary - aka - The LaVena Johnson Murder Cover-Up
via Huffpost

Shoddy investigation concerning the death of LaVena Johnson leaves more questions than answers.

Army's new SHARP Director emphasizes change, role of commanders in preventing sexual assault
via U.S. Army

Jill Londagin appointment Director of Army Sharp Program.

General suspended over handling of sexual-assault investigation
via Los Angeles Times

There was a time when the Army had a Chief of Staff who was willing to do the harder right.

Army general loses a star for stalling sexual assault case
via PBS

Gone are the days when a Major General could lose a star for mishandling a sexual assault case.

Klobuchar asks Army to re-examine Minnesota soldier's suicide, sexual assault
via ABC5

Senator Klobuchar requests Army to reopen death of soldier brutality victimized at Camp Casey, Korea and subsequently failed by chain-of-command.

New bill tackles sexual assaults in the military, would compensate victims
via Fox 46 Charolette

Veteran and sexual assault victim addresses failure of Army to enforce justice and assesses "I am Vanessa" legislation

Summit challenges leaders to own SHARP at all levels
via dvids

Army has been doing SHARP training for years. Its failure is walking the talk

West Point superintendent says he's taking action on racism highlighted by nine recent cadets
via Army Times

West Point commander applies leadership by example in taking positive action on racism

Senator demands 'immediate' review of treatment of women and minorities in the military following Vanessa Guillen killing
via Task & Purpose

Senator Durbin demands immediate attention to sexual misconduct and abuse problems within the Army.