Fort Hood-based brigade commander under investigation after allegations of toxic leadership, flouting coronavirus rules
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Failure to apply the concept of "Leadership by Example" results in investigation of Fort Hood colonel.

Crime prevention measures, sexual assault training part of changes sparked by Fort Hood report
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Crime prevention and training emphasized at Fort Hood, but where is leadership accountability?

Army Nixes New Leadership Role for Fired Fort Hood Commander

Public outcry blocks advanced assignment for officer-in-charge during Fort Hood meltdown.

Army now says Spc. Vanessa Guillen's entire chain of command at Fort Hood not fired, some just suspended
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Backtracking on previous claims, Senior Army management confirms Fort Hood chain of command only suspended.

A Fort Hood soldier has been arrested in the killing of Chelsea Cheatham
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Fort Hood solider to be charged with murder of female victim.

Chaplain's Facebook post denigrating transgender troops under investigation by Army
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Ordained Army chaplain has problems understanding the concept of brotherly love.

Latina soldier says she was abused in the Army shortly before Vanessa Guillén: now pressure is increasing for Congress to act
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Congresswoman Jackie Speier leads the fight of The Hill to pass the Vanessa Guillen Act.

Here's what we know about eight of the soldiers who have died this year at Fort Hood
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A compilation of eight deaths within one year from one dysfunctional base.

Army to fire, suspend officers and enlisted soldiers over violence at Fort Hood
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Selective accountability at Fort Hood following independent investigation.

Fort Hood commander suspends command sergeant major
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Top sergeant at Fort Hood removed from position following independent investigation.

Fort Hood report shows readiness trumped SHARP program
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Excellent review examines lack of accountability to now senior officers who created the Fort Hood problem

Fort Hood Soldiers Skeptical of Army's Accountability Efforts
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Fort Hood soldiers provide interviews in this detailed and excellent journalistic review since release of independent investigation

Lawmakers 'Appalled' by Revelations of Sexual Assault, Harassment Culture at Fort Hood

Congressional reaction to Fort Hood report

The Fort Hood Report is an Overdue Wake-up Call for US Army Leaders
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Lack of leadership and accountability allow this problem to get out of control.

Top Army leaders fired, suspended from Fort Hood after Guillen investigation | Nightline - YouTube
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Finally, accountability for incompetency.

Durbin Receives Update on Ft. Hood and Illinois Army Reserve Investigations From Army Secretary |
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Senator Durbin's direct engagement with SecArmy McCarthy.

Sergeant faces over 21 charges for Fort Hood prostitution ring
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Warnings in 2014 of problems at Fort Hood were ignored by senior Army management.

Missing Sgt Elder Fernandes Dead after Fort Hood Sexual Harassment (Another Vanessa Guillen??)
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News show video to news show addressing death of SGT Elder Fernandez.

'The military's #MeToo moment:' Fort Hood victims speak out
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More Fort Hood toxic environment victims speak out.

Commander seeks to get embattled Fort Hood 'back on track'
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Back from extended deployment to Iraq, LTG Pat White commences assessment process to understand problems at Fort Hood.

DNA evidence links Fort Hood soldier to 2019 death of a woman in a Texas motel
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New Chapter in the Army's never-ending story of Fort Hood.

Members of the public holding "tribunal" of senior military leadership Thursday
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Killeen, Texas and neighboring communities take protest of Fort Hood abuses to state capital.

III Corps to expand trust-building initiative beyond Fort Hood
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Fort Hood commences "trust building" training program. No mention of holding predators accountable.

U.S. Reps. speak after meeting on Fort Hood
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After Sep 18, 2020 visit to Fort Hood, congressional delegation make political statements. Many did not understand leadership and accountability are the main problems at Fort Hood

27 soldier deaths, violence cast shadows over Fort Hood
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Violence and leadership failures inside Fort Hood affects soldiers, local community, and family's of soldiers

Massachusetts lawmakers who toured Fort Hood found a 'toxic culture of fear, intimidation, harassment and indifference'
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Congressional leaders visit with Fort Hood Soldiers and family members. Find toxic environment was allowed to exist and grow for years

A Year of Heartbreak and Bloodshed at Fort Hood
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Since 2016 homicide deaths of soldiers stationed at Fort Hood have surged well past combat fatalities

Fort Hood reports the most sexual assaults of any Army post
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From 2013 to 2016 red flags at Fort Hood were ignored as the base continually topped all other Army installations for most reported sexual assaults

Murder, sexual harassment rates at Fort Hood among highest in the service, Army secretary says
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Secretary of Army McCarthy acknowledges serious problems at Fort Hood, but offers no solution other than to send in an inquiry team.

Official: Missing Texas soldier reported sexual abuse

Missing Fort Hood solider (later found deceased) reported sexual abuse

'We need to find out what happened' at Fort Hood, Army chief says
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Army Chief of Staff calls for proper investigation of Fort Hood.

Women veterans advocates, lawmakers call for change in wake of Fort Hood murder
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When the American Legion starts reporting on U.S. military failure the problem has to be far south of serious.

Secretary of the Army announces independent review of Fort Hood
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The four member team to be hired by the Army to examine Fort Hood is expected to spend five to ten days on site. Fort Hood consists of two divisions and one corps headquarters. Time allocated is only enough time to get a sampling of the command environment.