Domestic violence survivors often suffer financial abuse, too
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Spousal abusers able to use financial leverage to extend their torment .

'Bold action' needed by DOD to prevent consequences of sexual assault and harassment in the military
via Stars and Stripes

Rand study validates that the U.S. military continues to fail in properly addressing sexual misconduct and abuse of authority.

Military Sexual Assault Whistleblower Fights Her Suspension
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While continuing to protect victims and push for reform, Amy Franck continues to take the fight to senior Army management

Military needs commanders who truly don’t support sexual assault, commission concludes
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A call for commanders who do not look the other way.

A professionalized military sexual assault and response program could be on the way
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A program to address what military leadership has yet to take responsibility in fixing.

Inhofe Releases Letters from Top Military Officials Citing Serious Concerns with Military Justice Improvement and Increasing Prevention Act

Military chiefs express opposition to SecDef's panel recommendations.

Pentagon Undercounts and Ignores Military Sexual Assault in Africa
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AFRICOM is no better than rest of commands in protecting service-members and taking responsibility for its problems

Service chiefs will weigh in on controversial plan to remove commanders' control over sexual assault cases
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Chiefs of Staff still reluctant to yield power that they and their subordinates have not properly handled.

Military leaders wary of changes in sexual assault policy
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This problem is not going to fix itself, neither are the commanders who argue against losing their authority.

Panel: End commanders' power to block military sex cases
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SecDef's panel determines commanders have proven they cannot be trusted to properly handle sex abuse cases.

Military Justice Overhaul Reaches Key Level of Support in Senate
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Military justice reform now becomes a bipartisan bill.

Supreme Court Justice Castigates Feres Doctrine, Court in Military Rape Case

Judge Thomas identifies the inability of uniformed victims to sue the military is part of the problem.

Pentagon Needs Better Data on Domestic Abuse in the Military Community, Audit Finds

Acknowledgment that incomplete data denies complete understanding of serious problem.

Turner to lead House GOP push for military sexual assault overhaul
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Senator Gillibrand's approved bill finds ally in House GOP.

Tiny uptick in 2020 military sex assault reports, officials say
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Victims still find it safer to avoid reporting for fear of retaliation.

Military sexual assault reform bill has votes to pass in Senate
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Bipartisan reform bill now on way to House of Representatives

Gillibrand eyes NDAA for military sexual assault revamp
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Senator Gillibrand eyes annual defense authorization bill as means to force reform.

Senator Baldwin Supports the Introduction of New, Bipartisan Military Justice Improvement and Increasing Prevention Act
via U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin @

Senator Baldwin supports passage of Military Justice Improvement and Increasing Prevention Act.

Pentagon leaders have opposed plans overhauling the military system for trying sexual assault for years. Has the time come for change?
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Military brass attempts to maintain jurisdiction authority over a problem they have allowed to get continuously worse.

U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services investigates sexual assault in military
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U.S. Senator identifies US military as having less problems than college campuses.

Army enacts changes on sex assault response, investigations and more after Fort Hood scandal
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Army continues to half-step reforms in wake of its own failures exposed by Fort Hood report.

Even Staying Silent Doesn't Always Spare Sexual Assault Victims from Retaliation, Study Finds

Trying to survive a sexual assault without reporting does not stopped victims from being vulnerable from further retaliation.

Gillibrand launches new push to punish sexual predators in the military
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Senator Gillibrand leads fight in Senate for reform.

Sen. Gillibrand: No progress combating sex assault in the military shows need for major reform
via Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes coverage of March 24, 2021 Senate hearing.

The Uphill Battle Against Sexual Misconduct in the U.S. Military
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"Uphill Battle" only because military lacks effective leadership who continues in failing to protect service-members and hold predators accountable.

Pentagon's Sexual Assault Commission Wants to Hear Junior Troops' Stories

DoD committee commences command environment outreach

Independent Review Commission on Sexual Assault in the Military
via US Department of Defense

Independent Commission receives its marching orders.

Opinion: How the Supreme Court can help sexual assault survivors in the military
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Time for Supreme Court to reevaluate the Feres Doctrine

A call to end gender-based violence in the military
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Fort Hood problems exist throughout the military, time for action, not reaction.

Latina soldier says she was abused in the Army shortly before Vanessa Guillén: now pressure is increasing for Congress to act
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Congresswoman Jackie Speier continues to lead the fight for the Vanessa Guillen Act.

Wanted: A joint ethics code for the armed forces
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This should work considering "Army Values" proved to be such a stunning and long-term success.

Lawmakers near big response to military 'rape epidemic'
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Senate and House cross-aisle efforts underway to force sexual misconduct reform in the military.

Supreme Court overturns top military court, rules that rape cases before 2006 can be prosecuted
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Supreme Court overturns military court of appeals decision on allowing rapists to walk.

A call to action: Sexual assault and harassment in the military
via Military Times

Combat veteran call for U.S. military to correct decades of neglect in fixing its sexual predator and racial problems

Six Men Tell Their Stories of Sexual Assault in the Military
via The New York Times

Sexual assault is not limited to female victims, 100,000 men have also been victimized.

Lawmakers want DoD Family Advocacy Program improved to better help domestic violence victims
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Lawmakers, like military management, fall to realize that sexual abuse and prevention programs need to be enforced and accountability implemented, instead of changing existing regulations.

Can Biden Make the Military Safe for Female and LGBTQ Soldiers?

POTUS-Elect Biden has promised to fix a broken system. This article outlines the problems and past effects of inaction by military managers.

The military has promised many times to combat sexual assault. Biden must ensure that it finally does.
via The Washington Post

President Biden must force the military to finally fulfill its decades long promise of combating sexual abuse.

WGLRO RADIO welcomes Camilla Vance Shadley and MG Robert Shadley (ret) - The DWMS - 12 11 2020
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Radio show audio recording. Without restraint Major General (Retired) and Mrs. Shadley address seriousness of sexual abuse problems in military.

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With increasing amount of young males unable to pass physical fitness standards, reliance on women recruits is increasing. Yet military leadership fails to protect them from sexual abuse within the ranks.

A call to action: Sexual assault and harassment in the military
via Military Times

Retired lieutenant colonel and decorated combat veteran speaks out long-term against toxic environment in the military.

Finally, Some Progress in Combating Rape and Assault in the Military
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Time has proven this 2011 article to be nothing more than false hope.

A new Pentagon report on sexual assault in the military is a wakeup call to a 'systemic' problem
via Task and Purpose

Military leadership continues to fail in responsibility of protecting service-members.

Increased reporting of military sexual assaults has not led to more accountability, CBS News finds
via Stars and Stripes

Follow-up to CBS series on sexual abuse in U.S. military.

SAPRO Director Pledges 'Zero Tolerance' for Sexual Assault, Harassment
via US Department of Defense

Time will tell if SAPRO Director will fulfill promise of zero tolerance for sexual harassment or is just another official making an another empty pledge.

Sexual Assault in the Military: A DoD Cover-Up?
via TruthDig

Dating back to 2008, the Department of Defense willfully failed to address a growing sexual abuse epidemic.

A new Pentagon report on sexual assault in the military is a wakeup call to a 'systemic' problem
via Task and Purpose

Poor preparation of cases results in 4.8 percent of convictions for sexual assault.

Sexual assault survivors tell their stories in SHARP training
via Stars and Stripes

Victims come forward to describe a failed system during SHARP training program

If the Military Can't Handle Its Sexual Assault Problem, Congress Needs to Step In
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Continuing failure within U.S. military to resolve sexual abuse and misconduct problems draws further congressional attention.

Former Missile Defense Agency Chief Harassed Female Employee for 7 Years, IG Finds

Inspector General report determines Senior Defense Department official was a long-term sexual predator

DOD Continues Sexual Assault Support Services Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
via US Department of Defense

Recognizing a fight against two plagues, DoD pledges continued support for sexual predator victims during COVID

How do we save prisoners of the cultural war within our military?
via Military Times

Victims of sexual predators have to fight the physical assault and then the mental assault from people who can lie better than those who can tell the truth

Military sexual assault victims say the system is broken
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The long fight for a sexual assault victim in a broken system