Marine colonel busted in prostitution sting loses rank, retires
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Not the honorable way to finish a career.

Marine veteran sentenced to 30 years for drugging, prostituting hundreds of women near Camp Lejeune
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Joint civilian and military investigation brings serial predator to justice.

Marine Cpl. Thae Ohu out of the brig, final decision on discharge delayed
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Rather than receive needed psychological help, Marine is placed in solitary and being processed for punitive discharge.

"Lost Trust and Confidence" - How the Military Covers Up Officer Misconduct and Why That’s Harmful to Democracy
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Officer's career destroyed for refusal to cover-up seriousness of abuse in Corps.

How a viral video could force a cultural reckoning in the Marine Corps
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Young Marine's breakdown on video forces military supervisors to recognize long-term problem

Marine Hospitalized After Alleged Assault on Camp Pendleton, Authorities Say

Corps releases few details following Marines hospitalization from sexual assault

US Marines investigate viral TikTok of female Marine calling out Corps handling of sexual assault

The posting of a Marine's desperation and lack of trust in her seniors leads to SecDef involvement.

Toxic leadership: The real culprit of military rape culture
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Instead of receiving mental health, Marine's life further deteriorates in confinement.

Senior Marine Corps counsel ridicules sexual assault survivor at court-martial hearing

In total contradiction of the Corps "Few and the Proud" slogan, Marine judge allows despicable treatment of rape victim by the defense attorney.

Congressman Mike Turner Calls on DOD to Investigate Marines' Handling of Rape and Murder Case of Maria Lauterbach
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Congress challenges Marines' investigation of Maria Lauterbach's rape and subsequent murder

Marine Scandal - Photos of Nude Female Servicewomen on Facebook Page

Marines make sport of posting photos on line in violation of privacy and federal law

Gag Order: How Marine Corps Culture Silenced a Victim of Sexual Assault

Downward spiral of outstanding service-member after being sexually assaulted.

This Marine's family wanted the Corps to help her cope with a sexual assault. Instead, she's in the brig
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A Marine corporal suffering from PTSD due to sexual assault is in the brig after suffering from mental breakdown.