S.1520 - Military Justice Improvement and Increasing Prevention Act of 2021
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Senator Gillibrand's reform bill has more sponsors than votes needed for approval

§1561. Complaints of sexual harassment: investigation by commanding officers
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Where commanders fail in their responsibility

Military Sexual Assault Victims: Know Your Rights
via Protect Our Defenders

Guide for sexual assault victims, with critical information links, from Protect Our Defenders.

Military Justice For All

Continuing exposure of never ending problem which U.S. military offers no solution

Perceived Retaliation Against Military Sexual Assault Victims
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What this Rand study fails to provide are statistics of accountability leadership failures.

20210316 MLP Hearing: "Military Criminal Investigative Organization Reform Recommendations"
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Congresswoman Jackie Speier leads hearing in House for Reform.

Military Justice Reform, the 2020 Pledge, and the President’s Power
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Lack of reform may lead to separate court-martial command

Approval of MEMO Directing Immediate Actions to Counter Sexual Assault and Harassment
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SecDef Austin's directive for conducting ninety day review sexual assault and harassment problems in military.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND ASSAULT: Guidance Needed to Ensure Consistent Tracking, Response, and Training for DOD Civilians
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February 2021 GAO report of need of military reform concerning sexual assaults

Guidelines and Process for Commander's Critical Information Requirements (CCIR) Regarding Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Incidents

U.S. Army "Commander's Critical Information Requirements (CCIR) Regarding Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Incidents"

Non-Disclosure Agreements

ALERT: Beware of non-disclosure agreements. While pretending to be concerned about your welfare, military supervisors and lawyers want you to sign away your rights.

Appendix B: Statistical Data on Sexual Assault
via Department of Defense

Dept of Defense Statistical Sexual Assault Report for 2019

Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping
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Presidential Executive Order dated 22 Sep 2020.

Facts on Military Sexual Trauma and Statistics
via Hill & Ponton Disability Attorneys

Sept 2020 analysis of sexual abuse and consequences by VA Mental Health.

Commander's Legal Handbook 2019
via The United States Army Judge Advocate General's (JAG) Corps

The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center & School "Commanders Legal Handbook," dated June 2019

Procedures for Administrative Investigations and Boards of Officers
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"AR 15-6 Procedures for Administrative Investigations and Boards of Officers," dated 1 April 2016

The Politics of Sex Abuse in Sacred Hierarchies: A Comparative Study of the Catholic Church and the Military in the United States
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Carolyn Warner's comparative academic study analyzing sexual abuse in Catholic Church and the Military in the United States

It is all about Respect: The Army's Problem with Sexual Assault
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Major Wendy E. Brinson's 2012 Master of Military Studies Research Paper titled, "It is all about Respect: The Army's Problem with Sexual Assault."

'Thousands' of veterans with bad paper discharges might not know they can upgrade
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Fairness for Veterans Act offers hope for veterans who whose suffering from PTSD (to include from sexual assault) led to a less than honorable discharge.

Military Sexual Assault: A Framework for Congressional Oversight
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Military Sexual Assault: A Framework for Congressional Oversight

Report of Investigation: Alleged Misconduct: General Kevin P. Byrnes
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In 2005 Army Chief of Staff General Schoomaker and Vice Chief Cody set the example of Army leaders holding all subordinates accountable for their behavior. This IG investigation resulted in their firing General Kevin Byrnes for misconduct and failure to obey instructions. Day after the firing Colonel Wes Martin was present during the morning Pentagon Balcony Brief when General Cody "read the riot act" to all his subordinate generals and senior executive staff members. From 2005 to present, how far have we fallen?

Army Regulation 600-20
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Chapter 7 of AR 600-20, Command Policy (effective 24 July 2020) details U.S. Army "Sexual Harassment / Assault Response Prevention Program"

Crime Victims' Rights Act
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"U.S. Crimes Victims Rights Act" explained in U.S. Department of Justice Information Paper, updated July 22, 2016.

10 U.S. Code § 932 - Art. 132. Retaliation
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It is now punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice to retaliate against whistle-blowers.

Sexual Harassment
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This video offers an introduction into leadership, sexual harassment, and abuse of authority training. Subsequent discussion can include employee rights, supervisor responsibilities, mutual respect, dignity, and when "No means No."

Adjudicative UCI
via Gonzales & Waddington: Attorneys at Law

Legal analysis of Unlawful Command Influence provided.

SHARP: Sexual Harassment/AssaultResponse & Prevention
via U.S. Army Reserve Official Website

Commander and Deputy Commander of U.S. Army Reserve talks the talk. Major General Roper has the stronger presentation, steady and firm.

Report of the Role of the Commander Subcommittee
via Response Systems to Adult Sexual Assault Crimes Panel

In 2014 a detailed report was provided to SecDef's Response Systems to Adult Sexual Assault Crimes Panel. Link to the entire report is provided. Findings are provided on pages 42, 64, 77, 88, 113, 120, and 131. Special attention is called to page 77:

Finding 14-3: Under current law and practice, unrestricted reports of sexual assault must be referred to, and investigated by, military criminal investigative organizations that are independent of the chain of command. No commander or convening authority may refuse to forward an allegation or impede an investigation. Any attempt to do so would constitute a dereliction of duty or obstruction of justice, in violation of the UCMJ.

All findings provided on pages 120-121 (VIII. Assessing Climate Within Commands for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response) should be studied by every officer and non-commissioned officer in all branches of the U.S. military.

DoD Retaltiation Prevention and Response Strategy Implementation Plan
via United States DoD Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

Department of Defense Paper titled: "Retaliation Prevention and Response Study Implementation Plan," dated January 2017

Adjudicative UCI - Witness Intimidation
via Gonzales & Waddington: Attorneys at Law

Legal analysis of unlawful command influence and witness intimidation