We are a diverse group of Advocates, Survivors, Military Retirees, Therapists, Counselors, and Family Members; our Mission is to stamp out Abuse of Power! #WEBELIEVEYOU


Our team is a coalition of warriors possessing a long history doing the harder right over the easier wrong. We came together through a common desire to stamp out abuse of power and fight for those who suffer the abuse of dysfunctional command environments. Transparency creates positive change.


To give Survivors of Abuse of Power a platform for change and awareness through multiple venues and referral processes.

To promote the development of an environment based upon mutual respectful and trust within all branches of the U.S. military.

To provide an outreach to service-members who have been recipients of sexual misconduct, abuse of authority, and cover-ups.

To work for accountability within all ranks, rather than selective and arbitrary enforcement of military justice.

To exercise the U.S. Constitution 1st Amendment's freedom of the press to help ensure American public are aware of success and failures of U.S. military commands in addressing issues concerning sexual misconduct, abuse of authority, and cover-ups.


Advocacy is an important part of navigating the overwhelming experience of processing trauma. Our professional team of volunteers are here to assist.


"Freedom of the Press" is a First Amendment right within the U.S. Constitution. Our team members have nationally and internationally published works on a variety of issue concerning national security. Sexual misconduct and abuse of authority destroy human lives and undermine the readiness of the U.S. military. Responsible engagement with the media has proven to be one of our greatest assets to force reform of a broken system.


Utilizing strategic non-partisan communications we will reach our representatives to ensure they have all of the information regarding the abuse of power so many suffer.